Office Add-Ins

Historically you might be used to deploy Office Add-Ins using MSI packages. This is not an option for our modern officeatwork cloud SaaS Office Apps/Add-Ins anymore as they are not build with the older (COM) platform dependent technology.

Please note: We do not offer any MSI package for our modern web based Apps and Add-Ins..

Centralized Deployment

The by far best way of deploying Add-ins for Office 365 is using the new 'Centralized Deployment' feature inside the Microsoft 365 admin center. This feature will allow you to deploy add-ins to your users on all devices and platforms. There are no local installations necessary for this to work. Check out the videos below to learn more about centralized deploying Web Office Add-Ins in Office 365.

What it is

3:12 Minutes

How it works

1:34 Minutes

Be sure to check if your tenant is ready for 'Centralized Deployment'. Here is a link to the Microsoft support document called 'Determine if Centralized Deployment of add-ins works for your organization' that will explain the requirements in detail. Microsoft also offers an Add-In (Word & Excel) that will perform automated checks to see if your infrastructure is ready for Centralized Deployment. It's called 'Compatibility Checker for Centralized Deployment'

Currently you can reach 'Centralized Deployment' by going to: Microsoft 365 admin center > Settings > Services & add-ins > Deploy Add-In

Please note: You must be an Office 365 admin to be able to sign into the Office 365 Admin portal. You will also need to use the ‘I want to add an Add-In from the Office Store‘ option as this will keep your add-ins up-to-date automatically!

Useful Resources

Sharepoinnt add-in catalog (for older Office versions)

Modern Web Office Add-ins can also be deployed for older Office version like Office 2013. For that you can use the SharePoint Add-In catalog deployment method. Please note that some features like showing icons in the ribbon in Office will not be available via this deployment path. This deployment method will though work for the officeatwork 365 Template Chooser and Content Chooser Add-Ins. Please expect limited functionality due to missing API's in Office 2013. Check out our 'Compatibility' page to learn more about any missing features for your Office version.

Useful Resources


You can find our Add-Ins within the Office Store experience provide within the Office applications. Just us the 'Get it now' button to acquire and deploy the Add-In.


You can find our Add-Ins for Office on AppSource. Just us the 'Get it now' button to acquire and deploy the Add-In.