Office 365 Users

Designer Office 365 Users Input Field

The 'Office 365 User' input field will enable you to let the user select a one or many users in the 'Wizard' Add-In. The list of users comes from Office 365 and represents the users registered in the tenants Azure AD. A typical use for the 'Office 365 User' input field would be to select an author, contact or signature person, or meeting participants for your document. The 'Office 365 User' input field. The following user properties are currently available:

  • displayName

  • givenName

  • mail

  • surname

  • userPrincipalName

Please note: There are more attributes available than the five listed above - but for that you need to enable the all user properties switch. Read more about this below.


The Name of the input field will be visible to the User in the 'Wizard' Add-In. Please try to choose a short and meaningful name that can be easily recognized by your users.


The Group will be visible to the User above the Name field in the 'Wizard' Add-In. The user can collapse and expand groups in the 'Wizard' Add-In using the collapse/expand icon to the left of the group name. Try to pick logical group names that can be shared among multiple input fields providing the user with a logical understanding of all your input fields. Group names could be something like From, To, Document, etc.

Use last input as default

If set to 'On' the Add-In will remember the user’s last input/selection and automatically apply the user’s last input/selection for that input field the next time the 'Wizard' Add-In runs the first time for each specific document. This will only work for input fields that have the same 'Name', 'Context/Group', and are of the same type, and have set the same attributes.

Allow multiple selection

Enable this option to allow users to select multiple users for your 'Input Field'. This would for instance make sense when wanting to select multiple meeting participants (any number of users) in just one input field. That way you can avoid having to create separate input fields per participant (like an input field for Participant 1, Participant 2, Participant 3 etc.)

Please note: When inserting user properties of 'multi selection enabled' Office 365 User input fields into a placeholder, the placeholder formula snippet inserted will be adjusted accordingly so that the properties of all selected users will be visible in your document/template.

Use signed in user as default

Enable this option to automatically populate the 'Input Field' with the currently signed in user.

Please note: The 'Use last input as default' will override any 'Use signed in user as default' setting. So if there is a last input value available then that value will win over the signed in user value.

Enable all user properties

If you want to use additional user properties (see list below) in your documents and templates you need to grant the add-in dedicated permissions to do that. Use the 'Grant Permissions' link to do that. Please be aware that for this to work you need to be an Office 365 admin to be able to grant this access. Here is the list of the additional user properties that will be enabled:

  • aboutMe

  • birthday

  • businessPhones

  • city

  • companyName

  • country

  • department

  • hireDate

  • id

  • interests

  • jobTitle

  • mobilePhone

  • mySite

  • officeLocation

  • pastProjects

  • postalCode

  • preferredLanguage

  • preferredName

  • responsibilities

  • schools

  • skills

  • state

  • streetAddress

  • userType