Personal Contacts

Designer Office 365 Personal Contacts Input Field

The 'Personal Contacts' input field allows you to let the user select personal contact in the 'Wizard' Add-In. The list of contacts comes from Office 365 Outlook and represents the users contacts in Outlook. Please note that 'Personal Contacts' does not support Outlook Shared Contact Folders.
A typical use for the 'Personal Contacts' would be to select a recipient for your document. The following contact properties are currently available:

  • assistantName

  • birthday

  • businessAddress - city

  • businessAddress - countryOrRegion

  • businessAddress - postalCode

  • businessAddress - state

  • businessAddress - street

  • businessHomePage

  • businessPhone

  • businessPhone 2

  • categories

  • children

  • companyName

  • department

  • displayName

  • emailAddress - address

  • emailAddress - name

  • emailAddress 2 - address

  • emailAddress 2 - name

  • emailAddress 3 - address

  • emailAddress 3 - name

  • fileAs

  • flag

  • generation

  • givenName

  • homeAddress - city

  • homeAddress - countryOrRegion

  • homeAddress - postalCode

  • homeAddress - state

  • homeAddress - street

  • homePhone

  • homePhone 2

  • id

  • imAddresses

  • initials

  • jobTitle

  • manager

  • middleName

  • mobilePhone

  • nickName

  • officeLocation

  • otherAddress - city

  • otherAddress - countryOrRegion

  • otherAddress - postalCode

  • otherAddress - state

  • otherAddress - street

  • parentFolderId

  • personalNotes

  • profession

  • spouseName

  • surname

  • title


The Name of the input field will be visible to the User in the 'Wizard' Add-In. Please try to choose a short and meaningful name that can be easily recognized by your users.


The Group will be visible to the User above the Name field in the 'Wizard' Add-In. The user can collapse and expand groups in the 'Wizard' Add-In using the collapse/expand icon to the left of the group name. Try to pick logical group names that can be shared among multiple input fields providing the user with a logical understanding of all your input fields. Group names could be something like From, To, Document, etc.

Use last input as default

If set to 'On' the Add-In will remember the user’s last input/selection and automatically apply the user’s last input/selection for that input field the next time the 'Wizard' Add-In runs the first time for each specific document. This will only work for input fields that have the same 'Name', 'Context/Group', and are of the same type, and have set the same attributes.