Plain Text

Designer Plain Text Input Field

Use this 'Plain Text' input field type whenever you want the user to be able to input some text of any kind without any guidance. This input field type has no additional properties.


The Name of the input field will be visible to the User in the 'Wizard' Add-In. Please try to choose a short and meaningful name that can be easily recognized by your users.


The Group will be visible to the User above the Name field in the 'Wizard' Add-In. The user can collapse and expand groups in the 'Wizard' Add-In using the collapse/expand icon to the left of the group name. Try to pick logical group names that can be shared among multiple input fields providing the user with a logical understanding of all your input fields. Group names could be something like From, To, Document, etc.

Use last input as default

If set to 'On' the Add-In will remember the user’s last input/selection and automatically apply the user’s last input/selection for that input field the next time the 'Wizard' Add-In runs the first time for each specific document. This will only work for input fields that have the same 'Name', 'Context/Group', and are of the same type, and have set the same attributes.

Allow multiple lines of text

If set to «On» the Plain Text Input field in the «Wizard» Add-In will offer the user multiple lines for entering data instead of just one line.

Please note: If you are inserting a multi lines enabled text field into a HTML placeholder you should use the 'nl2br' Nunjucks filter in your field formula to convert the carriage return a user might make to HTML actionable <br> elements.