SharePoint Online List

Designer SharePoint Online Input Field

A SharePoint Online List Picker will allow you to select and display data from any SharePoint Online List including images from SharePoint document libraries in your documents. Please note that only the following column types are currently supported:

  • Single line of text

  • Multiple lines of text (plain text and simple rich text)

  • Choice (menu to choose from)

  • Number (1, 1.0, 100)

  • Currency ($, ¥, €)

  • Hyperlink or Picture

  • Calculated

  • Date and Time


The Name of the input field will be visible to the User in the 'Wizard' Add-In. Please try to choose a short and meaningful name that can be easily recognized by your users.


The Group will be visible to the User above the Name field in the 'Wizard' Add-In. The user can collapse and expand groups in the 'Wizard' Add-In using the collapse/expand icon to the left of the group name. Try to pick logical group names that can be shared among multiple input fields providing the user with a logical understanding of all your input fields. Group names could be something like From, To, Document, etc.

Use last input as default

If set to 'On' the Add-In will remember the user’s last input/selection and automatically apply the user’s last input/selection for that input field the next time the 'Wizard' Add-In runs the first time for each specific document. This will only work for input fields that have the same 'Name', 'Context/Group', and are of the same type, and have set the same attributes.

List Settings URL

SharePoint List Settings Page

The List Settings URL is used to identify the SharePoint list. It is easiest to copy and paste the List Settings URL from your browser when viewing the list settings page of your SharePoint list in your browser. After you have exited the field the Add-in will check if it can access the library referenced in the URL. If successful it will enable and populate the Search Field and Description Field below with values. Please be aware that the URL must be within your SharePoint online root host.

Please note: The user will need at least read rights to the root site of the site collection you are connecting to.

Search Field

The «Search Field» is the field used in the «Wizard» Add-In to search and select an item from the linked SharePoint list. Most commonly this would be the ‘Title’ field from your SharePoint Online list.

Description Field

The «Description Field» is the field used in the «Wizard» Add-In to help the user make the right selection. Its content is displayed together with the content of the Search field helping the user to select the desired item from the linked SharePoint online list.


The ‘Default Value’ option will allow you to select a specific Item (record) from your SharePoint list selected by default. For this to work you need to specify some criteria that will find a record in the SharePoint online list. The criteria is defined by a field using the «Field» dropdown, an operator using the «Operator» dropdown and a value entered in the «Value» field. Note that the value can be made up of static input as well as formulas using Nunjucks functions. To add a function just click on the «Insert» button below the Value field.

The first item is found in the SharePoint list that will return true when comparing field with the value using the chosen operator. Example: select the first SharePoint record where the SharePoint column ‘City’ («Field») ‘Starts with’ («Operator») ‘London’ («Value»).

If you for instance want to select a record in SharePoint based on the City of the current user the example would look like this: select the first SharePoint record where the SharePoint column ‘City’ («Field») ‘Starts with’ («Operator») {{ }} («Value»)

Please note: The 'Use last input as default' will override any 'Default' setting. So if there is a last input value available then that value will win over the signed in user value.