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Template Chooser Setup SharePoint Online

At first you might have not configured your Office 365 SharePoint Tenant for the «Template Chooser». In this case, you will find a «Learn more» link (1) below the «SharePoint Online» library header. So if you want to configure your Office 365 Tenant’s «SharePoint Online» to work with the «Template Chooser» just click on the «Learn More» link and follow the instructions presented on the web page.

Once your Office 365 Tenant’s «SharePoint Online» has been configured for the «Template Chooser» you will see a list of all available document libraries you have access to. The libraries are listed below the «SharePoint Online» group header.

Managing Libraries

Template Chooser SharePoint Online Edit

If you want to manage the lists of «SharePoint Online» libraries just click on the «Edit» button (1) to the far right of the «SharePoint Online» group header.

This will open a dedicated «SharePoint Online List» in your Office 365 Share Point Online Tenant. The URL of the list will be something like this: https://[YourTenant]

Template Chooser SharePoint online Template Libraries

The actual adding and removing of libraries can be done using native «SharePoint» functions. If you are not literate with «SharePoint Online» we recommend you to go through the «SharePoint» documentation or to reach out to someone with sufficient «SharePoint» experience.

You need to create an item in this list for each «SharePoint Online» Document library you want to use in the «Template Chooser» Add-in. The «Title» column will be used as the name of the library in the libraries list in your «Template Chooser» Add-in. The «URL» column must contain the URL of the library in your «SharePoint Online» tenant you want to use. This could look something like this:
https://[YourTenant] The Application column will allow you to determine in what Office application the library shall appear.

Tip: The libraries you use can be located in any site collection within your SharePoint root host of our Office 365 Tenant’s «SharePoint Online».

Tip: Use the rich security options provided by «SharePoint Online» to determine what libraries are made available to users and groups within your organization.

Please note: The user will need at least read rights to the root site of the site collection you are connecting to.