OneDrive & onedrive for business Libraries


Manage OneDrive Libraries

At first you might have not configured your OneDrive or OneDrive for Business for the «Content Chooser». In this case, you will find a «Manager Libraries» (1) button below the «OneDrive» library header. If you already have setup some libraries, you will not see the «Manager Libraries» button. In this case, you can use the «Pen» icon (2) to start managing your libraries.

Please note: Organizational users that sign in with their Work or School account can choose to disable OneDrive support within the Content Chooser. This can make sense in case you want all your contents organized in SharePoint and not promote the management of contents on an individual level.

Manage Libraries

New Library

Manage OneDrive Libraries

To create a new library just click on the «Add Library» (1) button. A fly-out appears, that will allow you to select a folder. Navigate and select to the folder you wish to use as a Content Library and click on «Create Library» button at the bottom of the list. With this you have created a new Content Library linked to the folder you just selected.

Edit or Remove a Library

To edit an existing library just click onto the library entry (2) in the list of libraries. To remove the library just click on the «Remove» button at the bottom of the library properties. To rename the library just click into the «Name» field and change the name accordingly. Use the arrow back at the top of the page to return to the libraries list.

Hide OneDrive Libraries

If you wish you can hide the OneDrive libraries altogether (disable the OneDrive feature) for your Office 365 tenant. Please contact us so that we can adjust this setting in your Content Chooser configuration. We are working on an officeatwork Admin Center app that will allow you to make these changes for your tenant yourself. The experience will be similar to the Office 365 Admin Center.