Design Settings

Designer Design Settings

The Settings are the place where you define Branding Banner, Name and a Description for your Template. We highly recommend to use all available settings to optimize the user experience of your document.

Branding Banner

The Branding Banner (1) will allow you to have an image placed right at the top of the «Wizard» Add-In. We highly recommend to place some branding element like your logo on the «Wizard» using this Branding Banner option. If you want to align your artwork with the design of the wizard you should know that all elements in the «Wizard» Add-In have a left margin of 18 pixels. So, to accommodate for that just add 18 pixels to the left of your logo and it will align perfectly. While you are at it you might also want to add 10 pixels at the top so that it does not stick to the top of the «Wizard» Add-In.


To upload an image file just click on the «Upload» icon below the image filed and then select a file from your available storage locations using the ‘Choose file to upload’ dialog. Supported file formats are .png, .gif and .bmp.


To remove the banner just click on the «Remove» icon below the image field.

Image Dimensions

Designer branding dymensions

The dimension of your branding banner is largely defined by the kind of logo or artwork you want to display. There are some measurements that you might want to consider. As the default with of the pane is just over 300 pixels we recommend not to exceed 300 pixels in your image (in total). To align it on the left we would suggest to include 18 empty (transparent) pixels on the left and 10 pixels on the top to make it nicely fit into add-in pane. In this ‘officeatwork’ sample we colored in these top and left pixels for better illustration.


The Name (2) is displayed in the «Wizard» Add-In and should be not to long as it is displayed in a larger font. Best use something equivalent as 'Letter' for a Letter document or 'Report' for a Report document.


The Description (3) field is displayed below the Name field in the «Wizard» Add-In and should be no longer than a short sentence describing to users, what this document shall be used for. Best use something equivalent as ‘Use this Letter globally for all your external facing correspondence’.