Input Fields

Designer Input Fields

The 'Input Fields' page lists all existing input fields for your active document. Use input fields to allow users to input data that can then be used in document 'Placeholders' to personalize the document purpose fit for the user’s needs, for example for selecting a Brand, a contact person or entering a subject line. Even things like switching between a color and black & white logo for the company brand can be accomplished by utilizing «Input Fields».


Designer New Input Field

To create a new «Input Field» just click on the «Plus» icon at the bottom of your lists of input fields. Then just click on the type of input field you wish to create.

To edit an existing «Input Field» just click on the input field you want to edit in the list of input fields.

To delete an existing «Input Field» just click on the input field you want to delete. Then click on the «Delete» button at the far bottom left of the input field edit page. You might have to scroll down to access the «Delete» button.


Designer connecting

Some fields like the 'Office 365 Users' or 'SharePoint Online List' input field are connected to an external data source. Sources you have not recently used will present a 'Connect' button enabling you to allow the 'Designer' Add-In to connect to the corresponding data source. In this case you first need to click the 'Connect' button and go through an authentication flow to be able to edit the properties for that input field.