Under Investigation

  • Enhancement: Multi-Selection of records – support for selecting multiple data sets from a custom list like the Office 365 users list.

  • New: Dynamics CRM – support for connecting templates to data coming from Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

  • Enhancement: SharePoint – support for connecting to a limited set of data in a SharePoint list.

  • Enhancement: Search improvements – improved search capabilities across multiple columns for finding the right entries in larger SharePoint online lists .


  • Enhancement: Single Sign On (SSO) – automatic sign in based on the user already signed in to Office.

in development

  • Enhancement: Multi-Selection of Users – support for selecting multiple Users from a Office 365 users list.

  • Enhancement: Renaming Input Fields – automatically updating Placeholders when an Input Field is renamed.

  • New: Translations – support for defining the user experience for all Designer settings including input fields for multiple languages.

Released March 2019

  • Enhancement: SharePoint Date Field Type – also support SharePoint Date Fields in SharePoint Online Input Fields.

  • Enhancement: SharePoint date fields – support for SharePoint date fields in placeholders.

  • New: Clear Cache – a new 'Clear Last Input Cache' will allow template designers to clear the cache holding information about for instance last selected item. This will allow the designer of a template to better simulate a first usage of templates.

Released January 2019

  • Enhancement: French & Spanish User Interface – enable users to choose a French or Spanish user interface for the Add-In.

Released September 2018

  • New: External Input – enable 3rd party solutions to set values and selections for Input Fields.

  • Enhancement: Default Values – enable setting default values for SharePoint Input Fields.

Released MAY 2018

  • New: Outlook Personal Contacts – adding a new Outlook Personal Contacts Input Field enabling placeholders to display personal Outlook contacts information.

  • New: Number formatting – support for formatting numbers.

  • New: Personal Microsoft Accounts – support for signing in with a Personal Microsoft Account.

  • Enhancement: SharePoint calculation fields – adding support for SharePoint calculation fields.

  • Enhancement: Multi-Line Text Input Fields – allow an input field to span multiple lines of text.

  • Enhancement: German User Interface – enable users to choose a German user interface for the Add-In.

Released AUGUST 2017

  • New: Show add-in when opening document – enabling users to have the add-in automatically opened together with a specific document.

Released July 2017

  • New: Date Picker – new Date Input Field allowing users to easily input/pick a date.

  • New: Date formatting function – customize the appearance (format) of dates in your placeholders.

Released June 2017

  • New: Select Signed in User as default – support for fast initial wizard completion.

  • Enhancement: Placeholders – support for easy selecting and deleting of placeholders.

Released May 2017

  • Enhancement: Office 365 Users – support for more user properties for all organizational users.

  • Enhancement: Search experience – enhanced search experience offering fly-out panels and infinite scrolling.

  • Enhancement: SharePoint Online – support for lists that contain more than 5000 entries.

Released January 2017

  • Enhancement: Authentication Flow – faster sign in experience, especially when signing in multiple times within a short time frame.

  • Enhancement: User interface – updated user interface with enhanced support for designing templates.

Released December 2016

  • Enhancement: Authentication Flow – offering an enhanced sign-in flow using the new Office Dialog API providing a more robust sign-in flow across all platforms.

  • Change: Renamed add-in name to Template Designer

  • Enhancement: UI/UX – small amount of user interface and user experience improvements like updated icons in the Word ribbon etc.

Released September 2016

  • Enhancement: Dynamic Placeholder Content – create formulas to reflect dependencies between input fields or to combine multiple fields in one single placeholder.

  • New: ‘Plain Text’ and ‘Dropdown List’ Input Fields – provide more specific and intuitive data capturing scenarios for your users.

Released May 2016

  • New: Remember Last Selection – support for fast wizard completion.

  • New: Branding Banner – show your own logo/branding in the wizard experience.

Released December 2015

  • New: Document Designer – The initial release of the Document Designer.

  • New: SharePoint Online – support for Office 365 SharePoint Online data (lists and libraries).

  • New: Microsoft Graph – support for Office 365 Users via the Microsoft Graph.

  • New: Language – support for English.