Onboarding Guide

This page will guide you through the steps required to deploy the «Template Chooser» add-in within your organization. The page is built in a check-list fashion and covers the most commonly used approach for deploying the «Template Chooser» add-in.

Please note that evaluation users are automatically captured by our marketing automation engine. To avoid that your users will be receiving marketing messages from us it is essential that you first activate the necessary subscriptions before making the add-in available to your users.

Prepare Infrastructure

Please make sure that the sub-domains cdn.officeatwork365.com and gateway.officeatwork365.com are trusted by all your browsers on all platforms and that your firewall/proxy is not interfering with those sub-domains. If your internal policies would allow it you can of course use *.officeatwork365.com instead of the individual sub-domains.

Prepare SharePoint

To enable SharePoint to be your storage location for your templates you need to first prepare SharePoint accordingly. The «Template Chooser» requires a dedicated site collection called «officeatwork» with some additional sub sites, lists and libraries within your Office 365 SharePoint tenant. For this we offer detailed documentation and a web application that does this for you.

  • Run the officeatwork «Template Chooser Setup App» to setup your basic SharePoint structure of your template repositories.

  • Make sure that all your users have read permissions on this newly create list: https://[YourOffice365Tenant].sharepoint.com/sites/officeatwork/TemplateChooser/Lists/TemplateLibraries.

  • Create an entry in this list for each document library you will be using to manage your templates in.

Manage User Groups

As the deployment of the add-in and the access to templates can be managed using «Azure AD» security groups we recommend creating/utilizing these groups accordingly. Please keep in mind that if done cleverly, new employees will automatically get access to the add-in and the templates simultaneously just by adding a user into the appropriate security groups. We believe that this could simplify/automate your employee onboarding process in regard to automatically getting access to the Office templates.

Access to the Template Chooser add-in

  • Create or check on existing security groups that can be used to assign the add-in to your users. Please note that nested groups are currently not supported.

Access to the template libraries and files

  • Create or check on existing security groups that you could use to manage the access rights to the various document libraries and templates you will be using.

  • Create or check on existing security groups and make sure that they have access rights to each entry they require in the TemplateLibraries list in SharePoint.

Move your templates

  • Move your existing templates into the various document libraries that you registered in the «TemplateLibraries» list.

  • Check the access rights for the templates and make sure that your users have access rights to each entry they require in those libraries.

Pre-consent Add-In access

  • Pre-consent all Add-In permissions on behalf of all users. To do this you need to navigate to the 'Settings' page ('More' menu -> 'Settings') and click on the «Permit access» button. You then need to sign in as an Office 365 administrator and complete the sign in by accepting the access permission. Learn more

Assign and promote the add-in to users

  • Go to the «Office 365 Admin portal» and assign the add-in to your users using the appropriate security groups. Please use the store option to retrieve the add-in via the «Office Store». This will ensure that any change to the add-in manifest will automatically be propagated to your tenant ensuring zero administration effort for the future. Learn more

  • Promote the Template Chooser Add-In with your users for instance by sending out an email with the link to this «Introduction for Users» video: https://youtu.be/6EuPyDjYYaw

Verify your onboarding

  • Sign in to the «Template Chooser» in Word, Excel etc. using one of the Office 365 Work or School accounts to see if the libraries and templates are loading as expected.