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Automatic configuration

The officeatwork «Template Chooser Setup App» is an Office 365 Web App designed to help you setup your SharePoint Online configuration for the officeatwork Template Chooser. The Web App will help you create a new SharePoint site collection named «officeatwork» and a subsite named «TemplateChooser». Within that subsite it will also create a list named «TemplateLibraries» and a document library named «Templates». The list and the document library will initially be populated with some sample data. If you prefer to do the setup work in your SharePoint online tenant work manually you can jump to the next section called 'MANUAL CONFIGURATION'.

Follow these steps to perform the configuration required to enable SharePoint template libraries within your Template Chooser Apps:

Please note: You need to be a SharePoint administrator AND an Office 365 administrator to run the Template Chooser Setup.

Please note: Please be aware that this initial setup process can take up-to 15 minutes to complete!

  • Start the automatic configuration by clicking the 'Template Chooser Setup App' button below:

    Template Chooser Setup App
  • Click on 'Sign-in as Admin'.
    Please remember that the account you use to sign-in must be an AAD account and the user must be an Office 365 AND SharePoint Admin.

    Content Chooser Setup
  • Click on the «Create Repository» Button.

  • Please be patient and wait for this process to complete — it can easily take up-to 15 minutes to complete.

  • After the repository is created return to the Template Chooser and re-load it.

  • You should now see at least one SharePoint template library in your list of template libraries.

Manual configuration

If you want to setup SharePoint Online without the «Template Chooser Setup App» for Office 365 you can configure SharePoint Online within your Office 365 tenant manually. It is important that the names for the site collection etc. are exactly as provided below. Follow these steps:

  • Create a new Site Collection named «officeatwork»

  • Create the subsite «TemplateChooser».

    Please note: Please be aware that the url must be exactly as written above and that upper and lower case matter (case sensitive)

  • Add a new list to this site collection named «TemplateLibraries»

  • Add the column of type «Hyperlink or Picture» with the name ‘Url’ (cases sensitive) to this list

  • Add a column of type «Choice» with the name ‘Applications’ (cases sensitive) to this list

  • Set the property ‘Type each choice on a separate line’ to

  • Set the ‘Display choices using’ to ‘Checkboxes (allow multiple selections)’

  • Set the ‘Default value’ to ‘Calculated Value’ and enter the following formula in the input box

  • Leave all other properties at default settings

  • Add entries for each Document Library which contains templates by copying the URL of the document library into the «Url» field

  • Give each entry a name by typing a name into the Title field of each entry.

  • Define for each entry in what Office applications the library shall be visible. New entries will be visible in all Office applications by default.

  • Re-load the officeatwork 365 Template Chooser Web Office Add-in in your Office application.

Tip: Any document library within your SharePoint Online tenant can be used as a template library. There are no specific requirements other than that those listed libraries must be of type SharePoint document library.

Things that can go wrong…

SharePoint Online is quite complex and therefor things can be configured in a way that will not allow you to see your libraries.

No access to the Libraries List

No access to the Libraries List

When you get this message in the list of libraries it is most likely the case that you do not have access to the SharePoint list that holds the list of all SharePoint Document Libraries that should be shown as available libraries.

  • Click on the link ‘SharePoint Online libraries list’ in the message. This will try to open the SharePoint list using your Browser. If you have no access to the list, you should be seeing the default 'no access' message form SharePoint. Contact your SharePoint administrator to ask for access to that list.

SharePoint still not configured

In case you still see the initial configuration message after you have configured SharePoint online you might want to check if the users that encounter this have access to the root site collection of your SharePoint online tenant. If that is not the case users will see the original messages as shown below (1).

Template Chooser Setup SharePoint Online

More help

Please also take advantage of our Help Center. There you will find more tips and tricks regarding setting up the Template Chooser for your Office 365 tenant.