A simple and effective way to create personalized documents with just a few clicks for all employees, brands and locations across devices and platforms.

Wizuard for Office, Word
Multiple Office App Awards Winner

Launching and Connecting


Wizard Ribbon

Once the «Wizard» App has been assigned to you or you have acquired it via the Office Store/AppSource, it will automatically appear in the «Home» tab of your Office application ribbon. To launch the App best click on the «Personalize» button.

Supported Office applications



Wizard Welcome Page

To get started with the «Wizard» you need to connect it to your Office 365 work or school account or with your personal Microsoft Account. Click the «Connect» (1) button to start the process. The actual sign in experience is provided by Microsoft.


The first time you connect the App you might be asked to consent to the permissions the App requires. Please go through those permissions carefully and grant consent as the App requires these permissions to function. If you do not grant consent the App will not load.


User Menu

Wizard navigation

The «User» menu (1) will provide links to resources such as «Yammer», our «Feedback form», the App «Roadmap», the «Settings» page, the «About» page and the App documentation (website). Additionally, it will allow you to sign-out of the App.

Please note: Dependent on the officeatwork App settings for your Office 365 tenant the items available in the «User» menu can vary.

Getting Help

Learn more… & Info button

Wizard getting help

Here and there you will see some «Learn more» links (1) spread around the App. Those links will take you to a new Web page that will explain further details specific to a topic.

The «Info» button (1) will provide you some more info relevant to the topic right within the App.


Join our «Yammer» network and participate in our discussion around the officeatwork 365 Apps and to learn about coming updates. You will find a link to our «Yammer» network in the «More» menu called «Yammer Community» (2).

Please note: Dependent on the officeatwork App settings for your Office 365 tenant the «Yammer Community» and «Send us your Feedback» option might not be available to you.