Office 365

Learn more about Web Office Add-ins designed for Office 365.

Add-in Deployment

Office 365 Admin Center Add-in DemploymentDifferent to the deployment of traditional add-ins, Web Office Add-ins can be deployed in various ways. The most common way for organizations to deploy Web Office Add-ins in an Office 365 environment is to use the Add-in deployment feature available in the Office 365 Admin center. Learn more

Add-in Consent

As all officeatwork 365 add-ins use some kind of Office 365 API’s, users must first consent to the add-in, allowing it to use those API’s on the users or admins behalf.

This consenting feature can be turned on or off for individual users. You can find further details in this MSDN articleManaging user consent for applications using Office 365 APIs.

Enable and disable the Office Store

Organizations can enable or disable users to aquire add-ins via the Office Store using the Office 365 organizational account. See the illustration below on how to change that setting in the Office 365 Admin center.Office 365 Admin Center Office Store

Please note that all officeatwork 365 add-ins are made available via the Office Store.


Enable and disable Office Add-ins

Office add-ins can be enabled or disabled. To change or review your settings or just follow the instructions as illustrated below: