Ribbon icons not in sync with new or removed Add-ins!


Symptom: When adding or removing Add-Ins the ribbon is not showing the changes. So new Add-Ins do not appear or removed Add-Ins are still visible in the Ribbon.

Cause:  the Add-In cache is out of sync.

Resolution: Clearing the Add-In cache will trigger a re-sync of the Add-In cache. To clear the cache navigate to the cache folder (WEF) and delete all files within that WEF (cache) folder.
You can find the folder here:
After clearing the contents of the WEF folder go and launch Word. This will trigger the re-sync of the WEF folder.

More information: (none)

No Access to a list or library in SharePoint Online

Template Chooser
Content Chooser

Symptom: The add-in fails to connect to a specific list or library in SharePoint Online.

Cause: There are many reasons why this could fail. Please try out the following steps that will help you find your cause.

No access to the SharePoint Root Site: For any officeatwork 365 add-in to be able to connect to SharePoint in your Office 365 tenant each user that wants to connect needs at least read rights for your root site. Here are some step-by-step instructions on how you can check who has access to your root site in SharePoint.

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  • Load your Office 365 home page (sign in in case you are not signed in already):

  • Click on the SharePoint tile

  • Change the URL in your Browser by removing everything that comes after and then reload the page.

  • Click on the gear icon and choose ‘Site settings’

Site settings
  • Click on ‘Site Permissions’

Site Permissions
  • Check to see if all the users that need to work with SharePoint data are in one of the groups and have at least ‘read’ permissions.

Icons not visible in Add-ins!

Internet Explorer

Symptom: officeatwork add-ins seem to have missing icons in various places.

Cause: officeatwork 365 add-ins use Microsoft UI Fabric as a component to display icons. To do this UI Fabric offers a dedicated font that is embedded into our add-ins (web pages). Some (mainly larger) organizations block embedded fonts on web pages.

Resolution: Enable web fonts.

In IE on Windows you could enable web fonts (Allow font downloads) in the Internet security zone settings of IE or you could add * to the list of trusted sites in IE. Any of these options should enable the web fonts for IE on Windows.

More information: Learn more about blocking or enabling web fonts in this blog post: Link


Symptom: officeatwork add-ins seem to have missing icons in various places.

Cause: The caching on the MacOS is preventing the Icons from appearing.

Resolution: Clear the Add-In cache. To do this remove all files from within the Data folder on your Mac. You can find the Data folder here: / Users / {your_name_on_the_device} / Library / Containers / com.Microsoft.OsfWebHost / Data /

More information: (none)

Search will not return some users!

Microsoft Graph - Users

Symptom: When searching for a user that contains special characters like ü, ä or ö the search will not work. So if for instance you search for ‘Thomas Müller’ by using/typing ‘Mül’ as your search string you will currently not retrieve any search results that include ‘Thomas Müller’.

Cause: It seems that the current implementation of the Microsoft Graph does not support searching with special characters like ü, ä or ö.

Resolution: Searching with the search string ‘Mul’ will actually include ‘Thomas Müller’ in your search results. This is surely not ideal but currently the only way to search for names that include special characters.

More information: This issue has been reported to Microsoft (Link). We hope this gets picked up and solved in the near future.

Add-In updates not appearing in the Mac Office Version 16.10 for Add-Ins distributed via Centralized Distribution


Symptom: Changes to the Add-In platform support are not automatically visible in PowerPoint. So if an Add-In that newly supports PowerPoint and was already assigned to the user using Centralized Distribution, the user will not see the Add-In.

Cause: There seems to be an issue with the specific Office version.

Resolution: Manually refresh the list of add-ins listed under 'Admin Managed'. The Add-In will then appear.

More information: none.

Centralized Distribution not working for Mac Office Version 16.05 to 16.09


Symptom: in Office for the Mac centralized distribution is not working automatically - Add-ins assigned to users do not appear

Cause: There seems to be an issue with those specific Office versions.

Resolution: Use earlier or later Office versions for the Mac.

More information: none.